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The Future of Radio is HERE...

Technology is now available that will help turn the page on the "adjustment period", and usher in a new era of radio,  merging on-air with digital to create a seamless liocal listener interactive experience

Creative and Technology Merge

Tasks that ate up manpower but needed to be carefully executed are now done in a nanosecond ! This gives talent the time to be creative again, and now more than ever, what goes in between the songs becomes one of the most mportant aspects of local radio programming .

RADIO: Poised to grow !

Once the listener growth creates the trend, the advertisers will have a whole new set of reasons to invest in the efficiencey of radio.Watch this site for ideas and technology on-air and working today that could be a game-changer for your station / Cluster / Group !  Subscribe below to get in the loop.  It's going to be a fun ride, sharing together and forging a path to further illuminate radio's winning direction for the future..


Experience Matters...

 Radio Personality: 

• Top-rated Radio Talent in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, Toronto, and more.  

• Nationally syndicated on: Jones Radio Networks "Rhythmic Oldies",Air 1 "Positive Hits"  

• Groundbreaking national syndication at All Comedy Radio Networks "Afternoon Drive". 

• Creator and host of Internet station, 40 Years of Flashback Hits!. 

• Nationally recognized voice-over talent for radio commercial production, and voice-tracking. 

• Host of numerous listener driven station events / remote broadcasts from global locations.

A Track-Record of Success !


Radio Programming:
• Achieved ratings and revenue success as VP/Programming for co-owned properties.
• Multi-format Program Director for stations in Top 40, Country, A/C, Classic Hits, Rock.
• Programming Consultant to some of the top US radio groups.
• Talent development, talk/music programming design, team leadership, and mentoring.

Diversification / Marketing / Radio Advertising:
• Achieved record success as National Marketing Director for Premiere Radio Networks.
• Sales/marketing consultant to major radio networks and affiliate marketing companies.
• Focus on record-breaking business development, affiliate management and promotions.
• Successfully transitioned into Internet advertising & marketing and promotion.
• Concept, development, and programming of owned and operated Internet radio stations.
• Application of vast experience to current Internet-driven digital affiliate marketing program. .
• Successful development of numerous affiliate marketing programs across various verticals. 

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